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29 Megapixel B6620 cameras

Imperx has introduced its 29 Megapixel B6620 cameras, ideal for a wide range of high-resolution video-capture applications from high-speed automated inspection of printed circuit boards to rapid 3D mapping of disaster areas. Units are available with either Gigabit Ethernet or Camera Link outputs.

High resolution is important for a wide range of video-capture applications, where large areas need to be viewed in fine detail. Shutter speeds up to 1.25 x 10-5 second freeze even the most rapid motion. Frame rates up to 2.4fps follow rapidly evolving scenes. Standard F-mount fitting is provided and the cameras have the ability to image at light levels as low as 1 lux (f/1.4), which allows capturing even dimly lit scenes.

The high-resolution camera is suitable for automated inspection, military reconnaissance, disaster relief, automated vehicle navigation, biomedical research, and many other applications.

The cameras' small size (60 x 60 x 45mm), light weight (320g), wide operating temperature range (-30 to +85°C), low power consumption (3.6W at 12V) and high shock rating (10g shock at 20-200Hz, and 70g sustained acceleration) make it an ideal choice for a wide range of research and testing applications under harsh conditions.

An RS232 interface allows programming the cameras with up to eight independent areas of interest. The cameras also feature 8-, 10-, 12-, or 14-bit output formats and binning of up to eight pixels horizontally and vertically for variable image resolution under automated control. Programmable long integration times of up to 16 seconds allow imaging static scenes even under extreme low-light conditions.

Two models are available: the IGV-B6620 outputs video over Gigabit Ethernet, and the ICL-B6620 over Base Camera Link.


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