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Lucon2 power source for illumination control

With the LUCON®2, GEFASOFT is launching a new and improved version of its compact power source for illumination control. In combination with a precise placement of multiple cameras and illuminators, this allows even components with a complex geometry a reliable optical detection.

LUCON®2 is a precision light controller with current and voltage control for driving LED lighting for ideal illumination of objects in machine vision applications. "The modular master/slave architecture enables flexible use of LUCON®2 light controllers in a wide range of applications" says Jurij Zapusek, Lucon product manager. The lighting can be operated continuously or in flash mode. In the latter case, short flashes of up to 5 µs with currents of up to 20 A are possible. Precise control of current and voltage results in high efficiency and thus lower heat generation.

The new LUCON®2 comes with numerous advantages, such as easy configuration via an integrated web page, an Ethernet connection, and automatic error detection. "With the introduction of the current LUCON generation, we are continuing the more than 10-year success story of our precision current source. And thanks to the new features and improved performance data, additional applications are opening, for example in measurement technology or logistics," Georg Schlaffer, Head of Marketing, is pleased to announce at the sales launch.


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