Long range MWIR and LWIR lenses

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Ophir Optics has launched two new long range lenses: the MWIR 35-690mm F/4 and the LWIR 40-300mm F/1.5 uncooled LWIR.

The cost effective MWIR 35-690mm F/4 lens, designed for use in cooled, long-range observation systems, delivers a 20 times zoom, and detects a Nato target from 22.4km, recognises from 10.8km and identifies from 7.5km.

The rugged 35-690mm F/4 lens is for use with ground systems, onboard naval vessels and armoured vehicles and offers a solution for applications such as border control systems, surveillance, forest protection, gas and oil pipeline security, as well as monitoring of other critical infrastructure such as factories, bridges and ports.

The LWIR 40-300mm F/1.5 is a motorised continuous zoom lens for uncooled cameras. The main applications for this compact zoom lens are: border patrol, surveillance, policing, high-end maritime and in mid to large size airports.

The lens can detect a Nato target at 18km, recognise it at 9km and identify it at 3km. The x7.5 zoom ratio provides a wide FOV that enables the operator to find a desired object and zoom into it quickly without losing orientation.

The lens, designed to interface with all known 17µm pixel FPA providers, is compact and delivers clear high-resolution images.