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Linea colour models

Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company and global leader in machine vision, announced the release of three new color models in its Linea family of low-cost high-value line scan cameras, including 2k and 4k resolution GigE Vision models and an 8k Camera Link® model. Linea cameras address the mainstream market for machine vision applications and deliver high speed and great responsivity at an exceptional price point.

Color GigE models are available in 2 or 4k resolution with a 7.04 x 7.04 μm pixel array, and line rates of up to 26 kHz in standard mode or up to 45 kHz using Teledyne DALSA’s patent-pending TurboDrive™ technology—this represents data transfer speeds of 2 or even 3 times faster than standard GigE Vision rates with no loss of image quality.

With the same pixel array as its GigE counterpart, the 8k Color Camera Link® Linea achieves a maximum line rate of 45 kHz. With unparalleled sensitivity and speed, Linea Color surpasses the requirements of demanding applications—such as materials grading, web inspection, and general purpose machine vision.

Features include:

  • CMOS bilinear architecture
  • Configurable GPIO ports
  • Burst Mode
  • Meta Data per each line

Specific to GigE models:

  • Multiple ROI
  • Multiple user and calibration coefficients for various lighting conditions
  • TurboDrive

The company has also added eight new models to its Genie Nano series of affordable, easy-to-use GigE Vision® cameras. Eight models, including four monochrome and four color models, are built around Sony Pregius image sensors, the IMX250, -252, -264 and -265. Customers can expect a significant increase in frame rates to achieve faster throughput with Teledyne DALSA's award-winning TurboDrive technology. The addition of these 8 brings the total number of cameras in this series to 27, with more models planned.

The new models, the M2450, C2450, M2050, C2050, M2420, C2420, M2020 and C2020 are designed for industrial imaging applications and are capable of breakthrough data transfer at 2 or even 3 times the standard GigE Vision transfer speeds. The Genie Nano series also take full advantage of the Sapera™ LT Software Development Kit (SDK) and field-proven Trigger-to-Image-Reliability™ framework for full system-level monitoring, control, and diagnostics from image capture through transfer to host memory.

Key Features:

  • TurboDrive for fast frame rates and full image quality
  • Trigger-to-Image-Reliability for easy system control and debugging
  • Small footprint for tight spaces - 44mm x 29mm x 21mm
  • Wide temperature range (-20 to 60°C) housing for imaging in harsh environments
  • Support for Linux embedded operating platform

“I’m pleased to add these eight models to our growing portfolio,” commented Manny Romero, Senior Product Manager for Teledyne DALSA. “With every new model, users have even more choice and a greater opportunity for affordable, faster and more reliable throughput. No other manufacturer of GigE Vision cameras offers the combination of speed and reliability we’ve built into the Genie Nano series.”

Genie Nano cameras feature a robust design backed by a 3-year warranty and are suitable for a wide range of applications including intelligent traffic systems (ITS), entertainment, medical, food and beverage inspection, and electronics and printed circuit board (PCB) inspection, among many others.


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