LightWise Allegro USB3 Vision cameras

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Imaging Solutions Group today announced full interoperability between its new LightWise Allegro USB3 Vision cameras and ActiveUSB SDK from A&B Software.

ISG, one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance industrial cameras, recently extended their LightWise™ product line to include the new Allegro USB3 Camera Family.  This family incorporates sensors from CMOSIS, Truesense Imaging, OnSemi, and Aptina at this time with more sensor support to come in the future.  The camera is fully compliant to the USB3 Vision Standard and also has an on-board 256MB image buffer.

ActiveUSB is A&B Software’s latest addition to a popular series of universal camera SDKs and drivers that allow developers and system integrators to facilitate a rapid application development in a number of popular programming environments including Visual Studio, Visual Basic (VB), Delphi, PowerBuilder, Java, Matlab, Python, & Labview. The SDK offers comprehensive property dialog boxes with a full control over the camera attributes. Included TWAIN and DirectShow drivers offer a universal plug-and-play interface between USB3 Vision™ cameras and third-party imaging and video recording applications.

“We have been a long-standing partner with ISG in supporting each other products and providing mutual customer support”, says Boris Nalibotski, President of A&B Software. “A seamless operation of new ISG cameras with our USB3 Vision SDK clearly shows the benefits of developing hardware and software compliant with industrial vision standards”. 

“ISG is one of the first manufacturers to adapt industrial vision standards, and we are pleased to work with A&B Software to support their excellent SDK’s.  Our customers like to see support for 3rd party tools to ensure standards compliance.” says Kerry Van Iseghem, Co-Founder of ISG.