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Camera-based KromaKing colorimetric tools from Applied Vision are designed for making colour measurements of cans with the near accuracy of a spectrophotometer. It can also register patterns, interpret process colours, image cylindrical shiny surfaces and provide full coverage of cans for the purpose of making simultaneous measurements in multiple regions of interest.

The KromaKing suite of products for decoration and colour inspection of two- and three-piece cans employs Applied Vision's Global Colorimetric Standard (GCS) technology. It includes an offline laboratory sampling system with complete coverage of the label, providing true vision colorimetry with NIST-traceable results.

Other features include: decorator blanket inspection covering 100 per cent of production; high-speed online system (600-3,000 cans per minute) for sampling ~10 per cent of each can for colour drifts and process problems covering the entire surface of the manufactured cans in random orientation; low-speed online system (<300 cans per minute) for 100 per cent coverage of cans at production speeds for decoration and colour inspection; mixed label inspection (MLI); and flat-sheet decoration inspection sampling blanks for colour, decoration pattern and registration verification.


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