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Eastman Kodak has introduced the KAI-04022 image sensor - a low-noise four-Megapixel interline transfer CCD that is optimised for low-light imaging.

With a 2048 x 2048 array of 7.4μm pixels, dual outputs with up to 15fps readout speed, and fast line dump to facilitate region-of-interest (ROI) imaging, the KAI-04022 shares key design and performance features of the existing KAI-4021 image sensor.  However, a new amplifier has reduced the read noise by 25 per cent, making the product particularly suitable for fluorescence microscopy.

To facilitate adoption of the new sensor, the KAI-04022 shares the same package and pin-out configuration as the current KAI-4021, allowing existing designs to be easily modified with the new model.


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