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Eastman Kodak has developed a new family of interline transfer CCD image sensors that should bring benefits to machine vision and scientific imaging applications.

The Kodak KAI-01050 image sensor is the first product to make use of the new technology. The new device should provide significant improvements in sensor size, readout speed, and image quality.

The KAI-01050 features a 1/2-inch optical format, with a 1024 x 1024 pixel progressive scan interline transfer CCD image sensor. The sensor deploys a new 5.5μm pixel that is 45 per cent smaller than previous models, while still retaining the dynamic range, quantum efficiency, and responsivity of the larger pixel.

A new quad-output architecture enables readout speeds of up to 120fps, enabling improved throughput in applications such as industrial inspection. The smear propert of the sensor has been reduced in the new design to –100dB, and a new low-noise amplifier significantly enhances performance in low-light applications.


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