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Truesense Imaging has expanded its portfolio of high performance image sensors with a 6 megapixel CMOS image sensor. The KAC-06040 image sensor is targeted at applied imaging markets such as machine vision, intelligent transportation systems, and surveillance.

The KAC-06040 sensor is a 1-inch optical format device that provides 10-bit resolution output at up to 160fps. It joins the 12 megapixel KAC-12040 as the latest in the Truesense 4.7µm CMOS image sensor family, and both devices share a common pin-out, allowing a single camera design to support both image sensors for a variety of applications.

The KAC-06040 is available in monochrome and Bayer colour configurations. Evaluation systems are available, allowing performance of the sensor to be examined without the need to develop a full camera design.