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IVC-3D 100

Sick IVP has upgraded its IVC-3D 100 smart camera with a high-power (class IIIb/3B) laser, which is able to provide 3D imaging solutions for very dark parts or surfaces. The variant has a laser with about 5 times the power of the 2M laser provided with the standard IVC-3D 100. Due to the high-power laser, the camera provides a fast profile rate and a robust solution for imaging very dark objects or those that absorb a lot of light. The camera includes tools for inspection, robot guidance, and measuring and identification. Applications include tyre inspection, for reliable detection of black marks on a black background; inspection of wood for defects, despite variance in the surface colour; inspection of building materials, such as bricks and roof tiles; and robotics applications, providing a robust solution for robot picking shiny metal objects.

The camera is factory calibrated and self contained, including all lighting and analysis software. The included IVC Studio user interface is easy to use and ensures fast application development both in 2D and 3D. An OPC server is included and the camera supports Ethernet/IP enabling simple interfacing with PLCs, robots and control systems.


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