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Sick (UK) has extended the capabilities of its optical linear measurement sensor portfolio with the new OLM200, for high performance materials handling applications.

The OLM200 illuminates the barcode using a red LED, and a CMOS array reads the illuminated barcode. Without moving parts, such as the mirrors used in conventional barcode scanners, the read head is highly reliable even when mounted on a machine subject to high levels of vibration and shock. The sensor has a lifetime of 100,000 hours.

The positioning sensor, which delivers increased accuracy, speed and repeatability, uses a barcode tape to provide non-contact linear positioning on both curved and straight tracks. The sensor continually reads up to three barcodes to build an absolute positional value, ensuring optimal performance even if a barcode is missing or damaged.

The sensor, which is supported by additional plant control system connectivity, has high operating speeds of up to 10m/s, with non-contact linear positioning to 0.15mm, for greater repeatability and positional accuracy, enabling better space utilisation in automated picking lines.

The increased speed of the OLM200 can be utilised to achieve increased volume throughput, making it ideal for use with applications such as rail-mounted shuttles, overhead conveyors, rotary tables, turntables, slewing rings, hoisting systems and robots, commonly used in the automotive, textile and film industries.

A Profibus DP interface enables connection to more complex distributed control systems. As well as diagnostic information, both position and speed can be communicated, enabling enhanced system control.

The OLM200 is designed for maximum performance and availability. Its high resolution measurement and high output rate enables precise and fast positioning, while Speedcon connectors allow rapid device installation. The system is extremely hard-wearing with a rugged metal housing for the sensor and a 100 micron thick durable polyester material for the barcode tape, which has a tear strength of 150N/15mm. 


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