IR Revolution 360

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HGH Infrared Systems has introduced the new IR Revolution 360, a 20° vertical, 360° horizontal field of view (FOV) panoramic infrared vision system for security and surveillance. The sensor contains approximately 3 million pixels (10,000 x 288). This advanced thermal imager delivers clear, extremely high resolution imagery via the rotating head that scans a full 360° rotation per second. Other features include auto detection and tracking, a motion alarm, and an area-of-interest zoom. 

The detector is based on mercury cadmium telluride (HgCdTe) imaging technology and operates in the 8-12µm wavelength, the long-wave infrared (LWIR) region. The high sensitivity (<25 mK) IR camera detection range, without image distortion, is up to 1km for a human figure, up to 1.5km for an automobile, and up to 6km for a boat or ship.

With wide area coverage (a full 360°) and an ultrafast image rate, the new infrared camera from HGH delivers the highest image quality available in any panoramic camera. The image control and display software is PC-compatible (XP Professional) and included with the camera package.

HGH Infrared’s IR Revolution 360 is housed in a compact, environmentally-sealed case that can easily be mounted atop a security vehicle, on a building, or on the ground. Ideal for perimeter security, force protection, passive surveillance for coastal and border areas, search and rescue, early detection of forest fires, airport traffic monitoring, and more.