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IR Revolution 360

HGH Infrared Systems, a supplier of optronics and infrared technology for security and surveillance, has launched the IR Revolution 360, which is available in the US and is a 360° line-scan panoramic infrared camera. The launch of the camera marks HGH's official entrance into the US security and surveillance market.

The IR Revolution 360 is a panoramic infrared camera designed to replace multi-camera perimeter security systems that have traditionally required several single or dual-head cameras set to pan, tilt, or zoom within a fixed field of view. The IR Revolution 360 creates 3-12 Megapixel panoramic thermal images of a surveillance area at a rate of one full image per second for automatic, real-time intrusion detection and tracking. The camera operates passively, emitting no light, and can detect a human from one to three kilometres away. Users control the IR Revolution 360 remotely through a point-and-click interface on a Windows operating system, and can deploy the camera in seven to eight minutes via a simple Ethernet connection.


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