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InfinityHD colour microscopy camera

Framos has introduced Lumenera's second generation InfinityHD 2 Megapixel colour microscopy camera. This latest version now features three on-camera buttons for effortless access to power, white balance and image capture.

The InfinityHD high-definition camera offers full 1080p60 preview with superb colour reproduction and extremely fast frame rates. Engineered with a high-resolution 1/3-inch CMOS sensor, this camera was devised to provide streaming video output over an HDMI connector, without the need for a computer. Real-time live video enables accurate focus and specimen placement allowing for quicker slide reviews without any lag. The digital camera is equipped with an on-board auto-intensity compensation that automatically adjusts the video stream as the microscope objective or the light intensity regulates.

One key feature of the InfinityHD is that the image capture (via USB) can be controlled either from the image processing/storage PC or by the push button on the front of the camera allowing a simple and effective combination of truly live video feed and image capture without the need for expensive additional PC capture hardware.


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