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IMX253MZR/MYR polarising sensor

After having revolutionized vision-based inspection with award-winning global shutter IMX250 image sensor with Polarsens™ technology, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation has recently launched a new on-chip polarizer, the higher resolution IMX253MZR/MYR CMOS Global Shutter sensor. The 1.1” type format sensor brings a 12.37 Megapixels resolution with a 3.45 µm pixel size and four-directional polarizer directly applied to the photodiode of the image sensor chip. The IMX253 with Polarsens™ technology reaches frame rates of 64fps at 10 bits. Available from global vision partner FRAMOS, this polarization sensor targets various industrial applications where visibility and sensing are difficult.

In inspection, the additional information given by the IMX253MZR/MYR can be used for various applications such as surface scratch detection, particle inspection, distortion and shape recognition of low-contrast or transparent objects, leading to a lower fail rate and higher product quality while reaching higher resolution and accuracy.

Sibel Yorulmaz-Cokugur, Sensor Expert at FRAMOS, says: Polarsens™ technology has really changed the industry. The on-chip polarization brings significantly higher quality analysis, simplified application design and industrial robustness. The first off-the-shelf Polarsens™, the award-winning IMX250M, was adapted very quickly by camera manufacturers and industrial customers. The IMX253 now brings a higher 12.37 Megapixel resolution to improve measurement accuracy for all types of inspection.”

ITS applications can utilize the IMX253 polarizer sensor to remove reflection on multiple car windows, distinguish direct light from reflected light and achieve better shape-recognition in low-contrast or HDR conditions. In infrastructure applications, it can be used to recognize objects under water by removing the reflections from the water surface.

Sony’s new on-chip polarization IMX253 sensor improves recognition in many different ways with the new light information from the real-world while improving measurement accuracy with the higher resolution of Polarsens™ technology.

Industry and product experts at FRAMOS are available to support customers with the integration of these new sensors in their applications and projects. In addition, FRAMOS provides support services for development, customization, and logistics. Evaluation samples are now available from FRAMOS, mass production starts in fall 2019.


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