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Impact Software Suite 8.3

PPT Vision has introduced Impact Software Suite 8.3, the latest version of the company's powerful, easy-to-deploy vision software. Impact 8.3 utilises smart camera technology to provide enhanced usability and inspection capabilities for challenging machine vision applications.

Setup tools assist users in creating a vision inspection, guiding them through many common vision tasks and significantly reducing operator learning curves. These tools ensure even users with minimal programming experience can efficiently create powerful, accurate inspection solutions.

Included in the Impact Software Suite is the Impact Vision Program Manager (VPM), which offers more than 120 tools, including code reading, pattern find, blob analysis, circle gauge, line find, and sub-pixel gauging. These and many other advanced vision tools allow users to create vision programs to suit a broad range of applications. A pre-configured operator runtime display panel is built within VPM so inspection date and pass/fail results are displayed while the camera inspects.

The Impact Control Panel Manager (CPM), also part of the suite, includes more than 60 fully-configurable controls. This means data, image and controls can easily be configured for the machine operator, with a customised Graphical User Interface (GUI) that mirrors the machine environment.

In addition, the software enables manufacturers in the health care industry to comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. The software is currently available in English, Chinese, Japanese and German.


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