Image-Pro Premier 3D 9.1 software

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Media Cybernetics' Image-Pro Premier 3D 9.1 software application is now available for pre-orders. The software delivers multi-dimensional visualisation, rendering, counting, measuring and reporting from within the Image-Pro Premier platform.

Image-Pro Premier 3D will serve as an image analysis tool for researchers in a variety of life science fields, industrial inspection,  material science, electronics, and geosciences. The software is a 64-bit standalone platform that doesn’t require costly modules, proprietary hardware, or advanced training to get started.

Media Cybernetics also provides full support for its products at no additional charge and supports users in research using the unmodified platform or through customisation using Image-Pro’s programmable macro language.

Image-Pro Premier 3D is now available as a 14-day trial version for download and evaluation.