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Image-Pro driver for ProgRes

Jenoptik Laser has released a camera driver for direct integration of ProgRes microscope cameras with Image-Pro image analysis software from Media Cybernetics.


The updated driver integrates camera control action into Image-Pro image analysis software, supporting also the ProgRes CT3 microscope camera with a CMOS image sensor.


Natively programmed, the driver is compatible with versions 5.x and 6.x of Image-Pro. Against integration via a Twain PlugIn, which allows only for simple image recording action, users of Image-Pro are now provided with full image analysis software functionality thanks to the new driver.


The driver also enables users of ProgRes cameras to directly influence the achievable image frame rate and the level of image quality. Selectable colour matrixes and interpolation algorithms are the tools to exert direct control over the speed of live images and image quality. The camera can thus be optimally set to digitally capture any sample.


Another advantage of native integration is a uniform graphical user interface between the camera and application software. Users are thus able to work within a familiar software screen.


To registered ProgRes users, the driver is available, as usual, in the download area of the company’s website, free of charge.


In addition to integrated Image-Pro applications, ProgRes microscope cameras can also be involved in a variety of other software solutions, for example, by Metasystems, Imagic AG, Imstar SA, VideoTesT, and IMTechnology.



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