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Our new Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) SDK is now including the new MV1-D2048x1088-HS01-96-G2 HSI linescan camera, featuring 100 spectral lines. With the new release, you can now use 3 sensors of IMEC’s hyperspectral imaging sensors together with our SDK. Next step will be to include the 150-line sensor that is integrated into our MV1-D2048x1088-HS05-96-G2 camera.
The SDK is used to process raw spectral data generated by our HSI cameras into corrected spectral data. To get corrected spectral data, a sensor specific calibration is applied to the raw data. Additionally, influences by the optics and illumination will be corrected as well. On top the mosaic sensors (4x4 and 5x5) of the MV1-D2048x1088-HS02-96-G2 and MV1-D2048x1088-HS03-96-G2 cameras are demosaiced. This way the spectral image information will be assigned to corresponding pixels in the hyperspectral cube.
The HSI SDK provides a wizard to help you with the complexity of the calibration. The wizard will guide you step by step through the calibration process. Using this wizard, the complex HSI calibration can be done quickly and easily.
A new arrival in our HSI product family is the MV1-D2048x1088-HS04-96-G2. This camera features a 2x2 pattern which basically resembles a RGB sensor with one of the green channels exchanged against an infrared channel. This camera is advantageous for multispectral applications in the VIS and NIR spectrum.


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