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HPSC lighting controllers

From factory automation to traffic monitoring and control, image processing applications benefit considerably from the performance of their lighting system. The SMARTEK Vision Strobe Controller family is designed precisely for these image processing applications, in which rapidly moving objects have to be captured with maximum image sharpness, placing the highest demands on performance and stability. The lighting intensity of LEDs, with simultaneously low thermal load, can also be significantly increased with extremely short and very bright pulses of light.

SMARTEK Vision has now quadrupled the possibilities of its powerful HPSC controller, as André Brela, Product Manager at SMARTEK Vision, explains: “The completely overhauled architecture of the HPSC4, which now has four individually controllable input and output channels, enables fully asynchronous operation. All channels can be independently operated in terms of timing and with different parameters at frequencies of up to 50 kHz. Apart from the externally triggered pulse mode, the HPSC4 will continue to support internal trigger generation as well as operation as a high-precision, digitally controlled constant power source. For the first time, this enables different lighting scenarios via an individual flash control with the highest output power available on the market.”

With the HPSC series, SMARTEK Vision offers full control over light intensity, timing, synchronisation and overmodulation of one of more lights. By focusing on the increasing requirements through present and future high-power LED arrays, they also deliver unbeatable output power and stability. Together with the modular platform concept, it is possible to quickly and efficiently implement customer-specific requirements for power, the number and type of channels, the form factor and many other aspects. Existing LED lights can therefore be operated well beyond their specification and used much more efficiently. For integrators and end users alike, this means two things: more light for less money!

All HPSC lighting controllers are designed for applications in the low-voltage range up to 50 V. The internal power supply delivers 120 W to four output channels and enables a stabilised direct current of up to 5 Ampere at 24 Volt, as well as pulses of up to 40 Ampere at 48 Volt in pulse mode. With dimensions of just 45 x 130 x 142 mm, the HPSC4 series can also be integrated into applications with very little installation space; this is only possible thanks to the highly efficient internal power supply, which is over 90% efficient when used in conjunction with SMARTEK’s “Optimal Autosense” technology. With an input to output delay of just 2 µs, signal rise times of less than one microsecond and a setting accuracy of up to 1 µs / 1 µA, the entire series delivers a precision intended to cover the requirements of almost every application. Due to the lower voltage range, the HPSC family also makes do with low-voltage connections on the power output, which simplifies the cabling and renders unnecessary the high-voltage connections familiar in the IPSC series. Together with the optically isolated synchronisation inputs and dedicated synchronisation outputs, this approach enables simple and straightforward integration into both new and existing systems.

Thanks to high-power and COB LEDs, users are in a position to obtain many times the light output nowadays compared to a few years ago - assuming a power source with sufficient power and stability is available. The SMARTEK Vision HPSC series is aimed at precisely these requirements. The internal power supply delivers an ample 120 W of output power for the precisely controlled operation of permanent lighting systems. In combination with the highly precise and reliable pulse mode, this represents a considerable advantage to, above all, users who need exact synchronisation with the overall system and are also looking for strong overdrive options in their applications. Reducing the maximum output voltage to 50 V shifts the focus to the low-voltage area and the associated significant increase in amperage. In particular, this is of benefit to the standard lights commonly found on the market as well as, of course, users with special solutions and lighting manufacturers.

With the buck and boost mode of the internal power supply, lighting systems can be operated completely independently of the controller’s external supply voltage, while the enhanced design of the electronics offers unrivalled efficiency and generates corresponding low levels of waste heat. The various operating modes - from external, internal and software triggered to continuous operation - allow customers to select the synchronisation type best suited to them and their application.

All devices are housed in a rugged aluminium enclosure designed for use in tough environments and equipped with a temperature sensor which monitors the temperature to provide protection against overheating.

In addition to the long service life and excellent reliability, customers benefit from quick and easy integration through one of the three available configuration and control interfaces: Ethernet, USB or RS-232. Access is via the supplied software or the web interface, which enables complete, platform-independent configuration under, for example, iOS, OSX or Android. The fully documented API for Windows and Linux (C, C++, C#.NE, VB.Net, Delphi) as well as the support of RAW commands enables quick and easy integration into any system architecture.

The HPSC series is available via SMARTEK’s exclusive distributor FRAMOS, the global image processing specialist with in-depth knowledge of everything from sensors to the overall system. For the flash controls and camera lines of SMARTEK Vision, customers are supported with individual adaptations and solutions from FRAMOS, for the direct solving of challenges posed by applications.


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