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Hitachi DI-SC233

The new Hitachi DI-SC233 can acquire Full HD (1920x1080 resolution) video at up to 60 frames per second. The high resolution, buttery-smooth video is perfect for viewing delicate manoeuvres during medical operations and makes video conferencing more real than ever. Capture a speeding car’s number plate or the nimble hand of a casino game player in accurate detail. No fast moving object will ever be safe again.

The Hitachi DI-SC233 can zoom in up to 30x magnification at full HD resolution (1920 x 1080). Other features of the DI-SC233 include Electronic image stabilization, Auto defog, Minimum sensitivity 0.4lx, enhanced intensity, whiteout reduction, wide dynamic range, digital image flip, digital output, motion detection and Privacy masking. The unique high-speed auto focus system allows for swift tracking of the subject in high resolution, while Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) reducing the effect of image shake caused by strong winds or vehicle vibrations, ensuring a stable picture even at high levels of zoom.

When very bright sources of light such as vehicle headlights are captured, neighbouring surfaces may cause reflections leading to whiteout. In these situations, the Hitachi DI-SC233 will reduce peak light levels to improve visibility, useful for situations such as reading license plates numbers. The DI-SC233 is equipped to reduce whiteout from very bright sources of light such as vehicle headlights and can also adjust the brightness of moving objects in dark scenes, such as people walking at night, to reduce ghosting/smearing and improve visibility. These features allow for improved security in low-brightness situations.

The sensitive CMOS sensor, lens and Hitachi's unique digital signal processor provide a minimum photo subject illumination of 0.4lx. The excel in urban monitoring situations such as traffic monitoring, station platforms and busy commercial streets, where lighting conditions change through out the day. Conventional security cameras have difficulty capturing dark areas such as night scenes or unlit area. The Hitachi DI-SC233's enhanced intensity function brightens dark areas while leaving light areas untouched. This enables it to produce clear images even with people in shadows, providing greater security in low light conditions. The DI-SC233's built-in defogging capabilities provide clear images even in foggy situations enabling you to monitor ship, airports, and highways.

This powerful camera brings flexibility and versatility to the market place by ensuring your video is the best available.


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