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Hitachi DI-SC220 camera

Premier Electronics now provides the Hitachi DI-SC220 camera featuring a CMOS sensor with full resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. It utilises a High Index Low Dispersion (HILD) optical zoom lens which supports both indoor and outdoor applications. The HILD lens ensures the images are captured with the minimum of chromatic distortion that tends to affect long focus lenses.

The camera provides a x20 optical zoom and can rapidly track subjects using Hitachi’s high speed auto-focus system. To enhance low light situations the camera incorporates frame noise reduction. This minimises after-frame images and random noise caused by movement. Also built in are a digital slow shutter and removable IR cut filter.

Four selectable HD video modes are available. Full HD progressive scan 1,920 x 1,080/30P/25P provides 30/25fps of progressive images in full HD. Full HD 1,920 x 1,080/30/PsF, which allows the user to view progressive images even with an interlaced full HD display. The HD progressive mode 1,280 x 720/60P/50P provides the user with 60/50 images per second providing excellent image definition and smoothness. This is further enhanced by the digital output of the camera system. The built in wide dynamic range ensures users have clear pictures, even when the contrast between the subject and background is high. Automatic or manual IR filter cut plus digital slow shutter enables the camera to see down to 0.04lux, improving the image even in difficult viewing conditions.

The Hitachi DI-SC220 provides a H264 encoded digital output without the need for an external encoder reducing problems of noise and time lag. Low power consumption, the PoE ready feature, built in motion detection, and privacy zone masking make this camera a perfect solution for many industrial and security applications.


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