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HiSpec 1-HR

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Fastec Imaging has introduced the HiSpec 1-HR, a 3 Megapixel high-speed camera for industrial and research applications. The model offers outstanding image quality with up to 523 full frames at 1,696 x 1,710 pixel resolution. The HiSpec 1-HR is a perfect fit for a wide variety of high-speed motion applications with the capacity to capture Megapixel images at more than 1,400fps. At reduced resolutions, images can be captured at up to 298,000fps.

The camera's optional software-based ImageBlitz auto-trigger makes it easy to capture elusive random events. Simply specify a region of interest in the field of view and the software takes over. Any change in the pre-set image area will stop the recording and save the event sequence in memory. No special hardware or intrusive wiring is required.

The HiSpec 1-HR’s optional multi-sequence record mode allows the recording of multiple events by partitioning the memory into 2, 4, 8 or 16 individual recordings. With the camera's burst trigger mode, standard in each camera, users can capture hundreds of separate image sequences in the memory without downloading.

The HiSpec 1-HR's Gigabit Ethernet interface allows the user to operate multiple cameras from any standard PC over a distance of 100 metres. Equipped with a ruggedised industrial Ethernet plug with fastening screws, the camera model is designed for easy operation in virtually any industrial or laboratory environment.

Fastec HiSpec cameras are supplied with a GigE Vision SDK. The HiSpec 1-HR high-speed camera is available worldwide through Fastec's international distributor organisation.