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High speed 3D cameras





Photonfocus has increased its 3D camera portfolio by two new cameras:

  • The MV1-D1280-L01-3D05-1280-G2 distinguishes itself with very high speed rates of up to 40 kHz(*) and features a fast 2/3" CMOS sensor of Luxima.

  • The MV1-D2048x1088-3D06-760-G2 is the evolutionary successor of our trusted MV1-D2048x1088-3D03-760-G2. Comparing to its predecessor the 3D06 provides the same feature set. However, it has a faster image acquisition rate of up to 18 kHz(*).

(*) using a ROI with a height of 20 pixels and full sensor width

Featuring with the new release of the 3D06 camera, now you can choose between COG and our own LineFinder algorithm for profile extraction. This way the camera is more flexible and can be adapted more easily to your specific use case.

Both cameras have a GigEVision interface based on the standard GenICam to allow an easy integration into your application. For easy synchronization of the image acquisition the camera implements a shaft encoder interface based on RS422 and HTL. Pricewise the 3D06 provides even better performance at a lower price than its predecessor 3D03.

All cameras are available as a loan if you want to test these in one of your applications.


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