HiCAM Fluo for fluorescence imaging

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Lambert Instruments today announced the HiCAM Fluo: A high-speed camera for fluorescence applications. With its 2.9 megapixel sensor, the HiCAM Fluo can capture 540 frames per second at full resolution in the most challenging low-light conditions. At lower resolutions, it can achieve frame rates of up to 5000 fps. 

The HiCAM Fluo is designed to capture the dim light of fluorescence, which makes it ideal for dynamic fluorescence experiments. Applications include in vivo imaging of biological samples, microfluidics and laser induced fluorescence.

An integrated image intensifier boosts the intensity of the incoming light and ensures clear images of fluorescence light. An advanced cooling system stabilizes the temperature of the image intensifier to provide a stable temperature for optimal imaging performance. All these advanced technologies are packed into a compact aluminum enclosure to make the HiCAM Fluo easily attachable to all fluorescence microscopes.

The HiCAM Fluo will be launched at the Laser World of Photonics in Bangalore, India on September 23 by Lambert Instruments and their distributor Dynotech Instruments.

About Lambert Instruments: Lambert Instruments BV has over twenty years of experience in the application of image intensifiers in advanced imaging solutions. Its products include intensified high-speed cameras and fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy systems.