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HEML laser modules

Frankfurt Laser Company is providing a new line of temperature-stabilised laser diode modules. The HEML laser modules provide high output power for machine vision applications in harsh environments. They provide crisp, uniform line illumination with sharp ends.

The modules can be equipped with various optics including Gaussian line and diffractive optics. The module offers stable power output (less than 1 per cent) and wavelength (less than 0.5nm) over a wide temperature band (0°C to +40°C), with good pointing stability and alignment.

The modules are supplied with high-power laser diodes up to 3W or green DPSS laser up to 200mW. The focus can be adjusted by the user. Both TTL modulation up to 1MHz (532nm up to 10kHz) and analogue modulation up to 10kHz are possible.


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