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Falcon Faltec FIBS dome light

Framos now supplies new dome lights from Falcon. The Faltec FIBS allows users to control the colour, intensity and illumination angle of the light source. The multi-angle dome light consists of a passively cooled aluminium housing containing up to four concentric rings of LEDs of various wavelengths (red, green, blue, white, IR, and UV). The intensity of each ring light is independently controlled and multiple rows can be used at any one time.

Multiple illumination configurations can be applied to the same object in order to check for a variety of defects, such as surface deformations, scratches, dents, raised edges, etc. via the angular control. In addition, a configuration to enhance contrast via colour control may be used to suppress background patterns in order to read text or barcodes, (including fluorescent security codes via the UV option).

The light can also be used on an inspection line that has multiple products and/or inspection criteria. This would otherwise require multiple lights, mounts and associated triggers. The Faltec FIBS dome lights create a simple solution for these complex inspection tasks.


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