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HD-210U camera

Dage-MTI, a manufacturer of high sensitivity cameras, has introduced the HD-210U, an advanced high-definition (HD) video camera for microscopy, scientific and industrial applications. The single-chip CMOS camera delivers true HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) and full-screen video (16:9) with smooth motion at 60fps. Dual DVI/HDMI and USB 2.0 outputs make it easy to set up and view superior colour and vivid detail in real-time video, and simultaneously capture selected HD images to a PC for review, documentation or analysis.

Dage-MTI’s MagicApp software is included, allowing intuitive operation for image capture, display, and instant review. The C-mount provides easy connection to industry-standard microscopes, adapters, and lenses. The HD image adjusts quickly to magnification or rapid scene changes with no image smear, lag, or jitter. The HD-210U camera system is perfect for full screen viewing of live microscopy samples using DLP projectors and/or HDTV displays, matching pixel-to-pixel resolution. For added convenience, the auto white balance function aids in high definition image analysis.

The new camera and software system offers an ideal solution for pathology and clinical imaging demonstrations for classroom settings or review boards. It can also be implemented in collaborative environments, including industrial inspection, teleconferencing, and other remote applications where Megapixel, real-time HD imagery is critical.


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