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Halogen-Free CameraLink Cables

Firstsight Vision has released two industrial grade CameraLink cables in its range of cabling products for industrial vision systems.

The new cables are manufactured from polyurethane and are halogen and PVC-free, making them less susceptible to fire.

They are particularly suitable for applications where components must not emit toxic fumes if they catch fire. This includes installations in underground and enclosed locations such as on underground trains, near welding stations and in paint shops where the solvents and paints do not react with the cables.

These flexible cables offer protection from impact, scuffing and have an operating temperature range from -40°C to + 80°C, They are available in two versions, IND-XM and PRO-XM, which are designed for Camera Link data transfer in Base and Medium configuration. The Pro versions have lower impedance for use in cable lengths that are longer than the usual 10m limitation of cameralink.


The Stemmer Imaging Group also offers one of the widest ranges of standard, hi-flex, track grade, robotic grade and low impedance long length CameraLink cables currently available. Many OEMs use its in-house cable manufacturing capability to build and test custom cables that link to their system hardware and the selected cameras and interfaces.


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