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Halcon interface

MVTec Software and Mesa Imaging have released an interface for connecting Mesa Imaging's SR4000 3D time-of-flight cameras to MVTec's machine vision software Halcon.

The industrial-grade camera SR4000 can measure complex 3D objects at a high resolution in real time. The interface allows easy acquisition of the calibrated 3D data, such as distance, amplitude, or Cartesian xyz images, within Halcon. Then the functionality of the Halcon library can be applied, including operators for morphology, matching, or measuring, as well as the software's powerful 3D vision methods, such as 3D matching and 3D measuring.

In particular, these products are suitable for industries, including robotics, life sciences, logistics, or packaging. 

For future cooperation regarding this interface, Mesa Imaging now has joined the MVTec Image Acquisition Partner Program. This guarantees a close partnership for a deeper understanding of each other's products and ensures the trouble-free integration of software and hardware at customer applications.


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