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Halcon Embedded

MVTec Software has made initial performance measurements with the machine vision library Halcon 9.0 running on the Beagle Board using Engstrvm Linux as an operating system.

The Beagle Board is a low cost, high-performance, low power consumption, OMAP3-based platform designed by community members. For testing Halcon Embedded running on a Beagle Board, MVTec initially ported Halcon 9.0 and successfully checked its ability to run. Thus, typical image processing algorithms with Halcon, such as filtering or blob analysis, can be performed on the Beagle Board in some milliseconds. Even sub-pixel precise measurements are possible in less than one millisecond.

These results show that applications based on Halcon can successfully be built on the Beagle Board platform. Customers are welcome to discuss their requirements with MVTec in order to customise Halcon Embedded accordingly. The Beagle Board's OMAP3530 processor from Texas Instruments is based on ARM Cortex-A8 core running at 500MHz.


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