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GPU Express

Andor Technology plc (Andor), an Oxford Instruments company and world leader in scientific imaging and spectroscopy solutions, today announced the launch of GPU Express, offering accessible and optimized data management for real time GPU processing.

The Andor GPU Express library has been created to simplify and optimize data transfers from camera (or multiple cameras) to a CUDA-enabled NVIDIA Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) card, to facilitate accelerated GPU processing as part of the acquisition pipeline. GPU Express integrates easily into SDK3 for Andor sCMOS cameras, providing a user-friendly but powerful solution for management of high bandwidth dataflow challenges. GPU Express is supplemented by superb support documentation, offering tutorials and multiple application scenarios.

Dr Colin Coates, Imaging Product Manager within Andor Technology, said; "Andor’s sCMOS cameras have provided a wonderful means of accelerating data acquisition rates from cutting edge low light applications such as Light Sheet Microscopy, Super-Resolution Microscopy, Adaptive Optics and High Time Resolution Astrophysics, but this carries with it the parallel challenge of how to manage and process the increased data volume. As a solution to this, many advanced users are turning to real-time GPU processing as a solution, but this in itself carries many challenges such as complex buffer management, throughput optimization and general access complexity. We have developed GPU Express to simplify and streamline this process for our SDK users, while guaranteeing the fastest data flow rates possible.”


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