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GoMax NX smart vision accelerator

LMI Technologies (LMI), the global leader in 3D scanning and inspection, is pleased to announce the official release of our GoMax® NX Smart Vision Accelerator. GoMax® NX is a compact, fanless, high-performance embedded device that allows you to accelerate any Gocator® sensor or multi-sensor network in heavy-duty inspection applications that require increased data processing power.

Benefits of acceleration with GoMax® NX:

  • Easy to set up, power, and run using the Gocator® web browser interface
  • Add GPU-accelerated data processing power to Gocator® 3D laser profilers and snapshot sensors
  • Simultaneously accelerate Gocator® multi-sensor networks
  • Add multiple GoMax® NX units to scale up sensor network acceleration

GoMax® NX enhances data processing power in real-time, minimizing cycle times and augmenting overall inspection performance so customers can achieve optimal results.

Suitable applications for acceleration with GoMax® NX include:

  • Multi-Sensor Ring Scanning - Gocator laser line profilers in ring layout scanning composite flooring.
  • Robot-Mounted Weld Inspection - Automotive weld inspection using Gocator snapshot sensor mounted on a robot, inspecting various points around the frame of the vehicle.
  • EV Battery Foam Inspection - Volumetric measurement and quality inspection of EV battery protective foam with Gocator snapshot sensors.

“Users can simply connect GoMax® NX to any Gocator® sensor and use the intuitive web browser-based interface to activate sensor acceleration. And, now equipped with the NVIDIA® Jetson® Xavier™ NX system-on-module, this next-generation smart vision accelerator provides more low-latency processing power to your automated inspection applications than ever before”, said Robert Uebbing, Technical Product Manager, LMI Technologies.


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