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Gocator 1100 and 1300 series

LMI Technologies has launched a new Gocator Displacement Sensor product line. The Gocator 1100 series and Gocator 1300 series are the first offerings from this new line of all-in-one 3D smart displacement sensors.

Gocator Displacement Sensors enable users of all levels of expertise to perform high-speed dimensional measurements such as height and thickness, or surface roughness. With scan rates up to 32kHz, all-in-one Gocator sensors are ideal for real-time closed loop control and automating non-contact distance measurement processes. Users easily set up, measure, and control with the same multi-language web-based interface found in all Gocators. Gocator Displacement Sensors are scalable, come with an open source SDK, and can plug into PLCs using industry standard protocols.

The displacement sensors include feature high-resolution measurement over various ranges, up to 2m, a built-in web browser based multi-language interface that does not require coding or specialised training, EtherNet/IP certified for plugging into PLCs, pre-calibrated, integrated laser and optics that deliver real world measurement out of the box, rugged IP67 housings for industrial environments, and 2m, 3R, 3B laser class options optimised for different types of applications.


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