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The Gocator 3100 series

LMI Technologies, a developer of 3D scanning technologies, has released the Gocator snapshot sensor product line.

The Gocator 3100 series is the latest addition to the Gocator 3D smart sensors. It is a non-contact inspection device that uses blue LED projection and stereo scanning technology. The 3100 series is an industrial scanning solution that delivers 3D point cloud acquisition, measurement, and control decision capabilities in a single package. The first model available in this product line is the Gocator 3110.

LMI has developed the Gocator 3D snapshot sensor with the ability to acquire high resolution, full field scans to inspect multiple features of parts with 3D visualisation. This inspection solution provides assurance that consistent product quality levels are met during final product assembly. The snapshot sensor is suitable for robotic or stationary inspection stations.

The Gocator snapshot sensor has 3D feature recognition capabilities that automatically detect features such as fasteners, holes, slots, studs, gap and flush at different angles and orientations commonly found in automotive assembly production lines. It can interface to existing control systems, including PLCs using Ethernet, digital, analogue, and/or serial output. 


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