Giganetix board-level camera

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Smartek Vision has released a board-level GigE camera in its Giganetix series. The camera is available from Framos and is designed with a remote sensor head, a single board with a 65 x 43mm footprint, and Power over Ethernet (PoE). It is ideal for integration into systems and machines with limited space.

The sensor board as well as the entire processing and data interface electronics and the software are fully compliant with GigE Vision and GenICam standards.

Based on this new camera line, Smartek Vision offers customer-specific adaptations of the camera geometry, the functionality, or the integrated control interface.

All Giganetix cameras offer excellent image quality with minimal noise and a comprehensive feature set. The camera series offers a broad selection of CCD and CMOS image sensor models: 10 from Sony, four from Aptina, and three from Truesense Imaging. Trigger latency of 2µs on two input and two output control ports allows for optimal synchronisation of camera arrays with flashing LED illumination.