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Flir Systems has launched its second generation line of GF-Series infrared cameras, previously known as GasFindIR. The line includes two IR cameras designed to reduce product and revenue loss associated with industrial gas leaks, and improve worker safety in areas where leaking gas can cause fire and explosion. The GF320 detects all types of greenhouse gas emissions, and the GF309 sees clearly through flames, making it ideal for high temperature, industrial furnace inspections.

The GF320 is specifically engineered to image volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including methane, sulphur hexafluoride, carbon monoxide and many other gases. The GF320's high-resolution thermal and visible output allows operators to rapidly scan large, hard-to-reach, or dangerous areas from a safe distance. Its High Sensitivity Mode (HSM) and noise reduction filter provide a powerful tool for workers to detect and trace small quantities of gas leaks to their source, a difficult task using the current 'sniffer' technology.

The GF309 is engineered for high temperature furnace applications. The GF309's flame filter helps workers detect a wide range of common and recurring problems with industrial furnaces, including the presence of coking, scaling or ash build-up.

Both cameras feature the ability to capture high-resolution thermal and visible images and thermal video for in-the-field playback, later analysis and documentation. Embedded GPS provides the exact coordinates to track facility non-compliance with environmental regulations, or to mimic the set-up of portable monitors stationed around the plant. Additional features include embedded temperature measurement data, a flip-out full-colour LCD, and a high-resolution tiltable viewfinder.


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