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Genie TS cameras

Stemmer Imaging can now offer the new Genie TS range of GigE cameras from Teledyne Dalsa. Powered by the latest image sensors including Teledyne Dalsa's own advanced monochrome CMOS sensors, the Genie TS family offers resolutions from 5 Megapixels up to 12 Megapixels, all with true global shutter functionality for crisp, smear-free high-speed imaging.

While ideally suited to a wide-range of industrial applications including semiconductor, electronics, food, packaging and other manufacturing and assembly processes, the Genie TS is also engineered for Intelligent Traffic/Transportation Systems (ITS) applications.

The Genie TS provides an outstanding dynamic range which is particularly important in optimising image capture from sun-to-shade in traffic applications. Integrated features such as motorised lens control with image-to-image aperture, zoom and focus functionality, auto iris, image compression, image transfer-on-demand, and both RS485 and RS232 ports, are all built into a tough compact body of only 49 x 49 x 54mm. A GigE Vision compliant interface makes high speed data transfer and multi-camera networks easy to deploy.

The first three cameras of this series are the Genie TS-M4096, with 4,096 x 3,072 pixels running at 10fps, the Genie TS-M3500 with 3,520 x 2,200 pixels and 15fps, and the Genie TS-M2500 with 2,560 x 2,048 pixels and 24fps.


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