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GenICam Package Version 2018.06 released

The GenICam standard group has released GenICam Package Version 2018.06. It includes the new GenICam reference implementation v3.1.0; the new GenICam SFNC Release v2.4; and the updated GenICam License document v1.6. The download link of this latest GenICam release which is hosted by the EMVA as well as more information on the standard can be found at

“In terms of usability, the current release version creates a new level of transparency, since from now on there will be one package indexed by year and month of the release which contains all data and can be downloaded in one file. By this, we finally leave the times of numerous downloads of single components behind”, says Arnaud Darmont, EMVA Standards Manager.

Christoph Zierl, GenICam Vice Chair Marketing & Operations and Technical Director at MVTec Software GmbH explains the key features that were added to this release: „The GenICam SFNC 2.4 comes with a number of new features. The highlights are the new feature set regarding Lighting Control; new Precision Time Protocol (PTP) features; and new Focal Length features for 3D reconstruction from disparity images. In addition to that, the GenICam reference implementation 3.1 now includes a faster mathparser implementation, transaction support, and the feature persistence now also considers sequencer settings. However, I believe the most remarkable feature of the GenICam 2018.06 release is the new firmware update module (FWUpdate) which standardizes the firmware update process and allows to update the firmware of a given camera without the need of proprietary drivers.”

The next meeting of the GenICam Standard Group will take place on Sept 17-18 in Austin, Texas, USA.


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