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FTI-E range

Land Instruments International has released the latest version of its FTI-E fixed thermal imaging system. The FTI-E range incorporates four models for monitoring temperatures from -20 to 1,600°C and includes a three-year warranty.

As well as the thermal imaging camera itself, each FTI-E system has an industrial processor that provides local process control, configuration and process visualisation, and Land's own LIPS FTI software for flexible, application-specific thermal analysis.

Suitable for installation on plant or in the control room, the processor connects directly to the imager and to a standard industrial interface of the customer's choice, such as a simple cross-platform TCP/IP protocol, OPC, analogue signals or alarm outputs. For maximum flexibility, the system can be controlled and images displayed locally through an optional touchscreen.

The LIPS FTI software is an online, real-time thermal analysis system with a full range of analysis and process control functions. It can monitor or control up to four imagers at full frame rate, and in the event of an alarm it automatically stores images and video.

The FTI-E is protected by the optional industrial housing, which will withstand a wide range of ambient temperatures, is easy to install and maintain, and comes complete with a manual pan-and-tilt mechanism for aligning the camera and an air purge to keep the lens clean during operation.


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