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FTI-E 1000 thermal imaging camera

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Land Instruments has released the FTI-E 1000 thermal imaging camera, suitable for high-temperature applications. Operating at 1µm, the instrument combines high-resolution thermal imaging with accurate temperature measurement from 600 to 3,000°C, over a range of 4 models.

The high-resolution detector array coupled with precision optics means the camera can resolve targets as small as 0.013mm2. The camera has a form factor compatible with existing System 4 and UNO mountings, allowing it to be used in applications where traditionally an accurate and reliable measurement necessitated a short-wave single-point pyrometer.

The other key benefits include high temperature measurement accuracy to optimise process control, simple installation, and two-year guarantee of reliability. In addition, there is a choice of close-up lenses to ensure the camera exactly matches the application.

Land's dedicated software enables live images and video to be captured. Many other image capture facilities enhance the software including: timed acquisition, full range of temperature measurements (point, rectangle, polygon, isotherm, histogram and area) plus colour palette choices, and a range of alarm functions.

The FTI-E 1000 is ideally suited to many applications including steel concaster, boilers, cement kilns, pipe welding, glass furnaces, liquid metal, coating processes, wire mills and semiconductor crystal growth.