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FOculus Tiny

The FOculus Tiny IEEE1394 camera series comes in monochrome and colour and includes a 1/3-inch CCD image sensor. The two models are available in VGA/XGA resolution. The lens mount can be a C-/CS-mount. The FOculus Tiny series completes the FOculus line and is IIDC 1.31 compliant.

The FOculus S-series has been completed by the FO442SB/SC with a 2/3-inch CCD image sensor. The S- and T- series are available with a lockable IEEE1394 connector via lock screws.

After completing the FOculus Series, NET is able to offer the ideal camera for many applications given their range of casings, image sensor sizes, resolutions and frame rates. The main fields of application are machine vision, positioning, microscopy, semiconductor inspection, barcode, matrix code, OCR, and OVC.


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