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Flir T1030sc HD camera

Thermal Vision Research, a specialist stockist of thermal imaging technology, has been selected as one of the only UK companies to supply FLIR’s new premium T1030sc HD camera.

Part of FLIR’s groundbreaking T1K series launched in the US in September 2015, the T1030sc is a high performance thermal inspection camera specifically designed for research and development professionals. Pitched as the natural upgrade from FLIR’s existing high end longwave cameras the T650sc and A655sc, the T1030sc is capable of offering four times the resolution ever seen before.

The T1030sc has an outstanding image clarity with a thermal sensitivity which is twice that of the industry standard. With one pixel measuring a microscopic 0.2mm, compared to 0.35mm previously, it presents new possibilities for everything from medical and engineering diagnostics, to wildlife and ecology studies.

Matthew Clavey, director of Thermal Vision Research, said: “This is the first time we’ve seen HD resolution for thermal images and it really is a groundbreaking launch for the research and development world.”

Creating a new performance point at the top of FLIR's uncooled thermal camera value ladder, the T1K series sets a new benchmark. T1030sc delivers outstanding image clarity thanks to its inbuilt HD longwave infrared detector enabling exceptional measurement performance and boasts a state-of-the-art hybrid-touch screen. The new camera allows users to find problem areas quickly, measure them precisely and document findings for corrective action.

Matthew continued: “As with any thermal imaging camera there are a plethora of uses, but the industries that I think will really benefit from the enhanced resolution of the T1030sc are medicine and ecology. Users in these sectors may have experienced limitations with previous technologies, but will see a remarkable difference in the HD resolution of the images captured by the T1030sc.”

The T130sc records 1024 x 768 full frame video at 30 Hz on battery power and can stream raw data at 120 Hz via its high speed interface. It also comes equipped with the new FLIR OSXTM Precision HDIR optic and FLIR ResearchIR Max software so users can analyse and share data.  And, on top of its outstanding technical capabilities, the T1030sc is durable, portable and precise, making it extremely versatile for a wide range of users. 


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