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Firstsight Vision

Firstsight Vision can now offer GigE versions of the popular A10, A70 and M9 cameras, manufactured by JAI at its Japanese facility. These new cameras can be readily interfaced to external factory automation equipment such as PLCs. New sequencing functions have been added to all three cameras. The A10GE is a monochrome unit, the A70GE offers a raw Bayer colour output while the M9GE has an RGB colour output.

The A10GE and A70GE cameras feature a 1⁄2-inch CCD with 782 x 582 pixels running at 60fps. This high frame rate makes them ideally suited for use in fast production processes. Selectable partial scan allows even higher frame rates at reduced vertical resolution. The large pixel size brings high sensitivity with less dependency on the optical performance of the lens used. These cameras also benefit from auto iris lens control, auto shutter, auto gain and a reset continuous trigger mode, which allows the camera iris to be continuously adjusted, even when the camera is waiting for a trigger.

The M9GE 3 CCD 1/3-inch colour camera provides an upgrade path from TV-standard 3-chip cameras by offering higher resolution and progressive scan imaging. With XGA (1024 x 768 pixel) resolution and chromatic shading reduction, the M9GE is aimed at automated imaging markets such as colour LCD inspection, food inspection and colour verification.


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