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Firefly MV family with plastic case

Point Grey has introduced the IEEE 1394a (FireWire) versions of its Firefly MV digital camera family housed in a lightweight and durable plastic case.

Designed for Firefly MV FFMV-03M2 camera models, the compact 44 x 24 x 34mm enclosure protects the camera's printed circuit board (PCB) from physical damage, minimising system downtime due to repairs or replacements. A tripod mount adapter is included with every camera, and M2 x 3.5 holes on the top and bottom of the case make mounting easy. An opening at the rear of the case allows access to the camera's general purpose IO (GPIO) pins, which enable the camera to be powered externally or to synchronise with external devices, such as a hardware trigger or light source. The case also allows access to the camera's LED, which provides information on camera status.

The Firefly MV FFMV-03M2 uses a 1/3-inch wide-VGA CMOS sensor with global shutter to deliver high quality 752(W) x 480(H) monochrome or raw Bayer colour images at 60fps, and offers a 2 x 2 binning mode for frame rates up to 135fps. The camera's CS-mount lens holder incorporates a removable glass (monochrome cameras) or IR cut filter (colour cameras) that protects the image sensor against dust and ensures image quality. A board-level option, which measures just 40 x 25mm, is available to qualified OEM's.


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