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f/1.0 athermalised LWIR lens

LightPath Technologies has introduced an f/1.0 athermalised Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) lens assembly with 10.65mm focal length, available from AMS Technologies. The lens has been developed for uncooled infrared sensors using 8-12µm infrared signatures. These lenses are designed as the primary optics for thermal imagers in a wide variety of applications including homeland security, firefighting, predictive maintenance and driver's vision enhancement systems in automobiles.

The lens assembly integrates LightPath's Black Diamond moulded chalcogenide infrared lenses that are a lower cost substitute for high volume diamond-turned Germanium and Zinc Selenide optics.

This lens assembly is a new addition to the already existing thermal imaging assemblies: f/1.1 with 19mm focal length and f/1.3 with 14.9mm focal length. The opto-mechanical design combined with the material properties of Black Diamond glasses provides athermalisation for temperature stability from -40°C to 85°C without additional cost. The f/1.3 lens with 14.9mm focal length gives a 60 degree field-of-view when paired with a 15mm sensor with a 25µm pixel pitch.

All products from LightPath are available from AMS Technologies throughout Europe from local offices in Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain.


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