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EyeCheck Thermo IR camera

The lock-in thermography can be used with the EyeCheck Thermo IR camera. This camera is the first smart thermal imaging camera, which contains the EyeVision Thermo software.

The EyeCheck Thermo is based on a ZYNQ, with which it is possible to realize lock-in thermography in a compact housing. Especially for a real-time evaluation of the data is the FPGA an important feature.

In the compact housing is a freely programmable FPGA. The integrated ZYNQ board Raze1-30 is at the customers disposal. It is also possible to use different ZYNQ boards, corresponding to the needs and wishes of the customer.

The EyeCheck Thermo has 8 in- and 8 outputs and has a tolerance of up to 24V. On customers demand he can choose between Raze1-15 and Raze1-30, depending on how powerful the FPGA should be.

The principle of lock-in thermography is based on the application of a periodic input energy wave to the surface of the object being examined and analyzing the resulting local temperatures on the surface of the object.

The input wave will only be partially reflected where the thermophysical properties are not homogeneous in relation to the surrounding material, for example an inclusion.

The reflected portion of the wave interferes with the incoming input wave at the surface of the object. This causes an interference pattern in the local surface temperature, which oscillates at the same frequency as the thermal wave.

The internal structure of the object being examined can then be derived by evaluating the phase shift of the local surface temperatures in relation to the input energy wave.

The EyeVision software now also supports the 3D laser triangulation sensor by QuellTech. The laser scanner products are especially made for the capture of 2D height profiles of objects or also for the capture of 3D point clouds, when the sensor is moved over the object.


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