Eye-Sec 30-90

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Firstsight Vision has released the Eye-Sec 30-90 from Opgal Optronic Industries. This highly sensitive, yet rugged, uncooled thermal camera is one of a range of new security related thermal options from Opgal and is designed for outdoor civilian and military surveillance, detection and protection applications. The Eye-Sec 30-90 can be used as a standalone camera or as an OEM sensor to be integrated into a surveillance system. Custom models are also available.

The camera offers a dual field of view to provide flexibility for a wide range of security applications. Intruder detection at 550m and recognition at 200m is possible with a field of view of 15 x 11.4°, while detection at 1650m and recognition at 600m can be achieved with a field of view of 5 x 3.8°.

The Eye-Sec 30-90 can be fixed, mounted or integrated into a pan and tilt device. It is capable of withstanding hostile weather and environmental conditions, including rain, direct sunlight, high humidity and dust. Secured within a metal enclosure and protective connectors, the camera is shock resistant and vandal-proof.

The new system is designed for nighttime surveillance of sensitive sites and areas. These include national borders, airport boundaries, railroads, pipelines, oil terminals, electrical power plants, communication transmitters, and prisons.