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e2v's ELiiXA+ family of line scan cameras has been expanded to include two new dual-line 8k monochrome models, providing customers with 5μm pixels that can be operated in two active CMOS line modes. This enables users to achieve higher line rates and sensitivity.

e2v's ELiiXA+ family of line scan cameras all feature e2v's multi-line CMOS technology and combine high responsivity with a low noise level. This delivers a high signal-to-noise ratio, even when short integration times are required or illumination is limited.

The new dual-line camera is available in a 40KHz model (EV71YC2MCL8005-BA0) or 100KHz model (EV71YC2MCL8005-BA1), both with a Camera Link interface. Typical applications include raw material surface inspection, general inspection, electronic device inspection, parcel and postal sorting, high resolution document scanning and print and paper inspection.


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