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EtherCast ASI-Pro IP gateways

Pleora's EtherCast ASI-Pro IP gateways make video-over-IP connectivity to remote sites fast, easy, and affordable. One side of the ASI-Pro IP gateway plugs into the coaxial cable of an existing MPEG-to-ASI encoder, the other to an Ethernet connection. Using a simple web-based interface, the device is ready to go in a few minutes.

The ASI-Pro bidirectional gateway is rapidly becoming the front end of choice for wired or fixed wireless IP links between remote sites and central facilities. It has a small footprint, is reliable and its high-performance FPGA architecture is already operating in a wide range of customer deployments, it offers standards compliance (SMPTE-2022/COP#3 compliant), and has a low power consumption of 2.2W.


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